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Gods of Focus Speak: Preston Light Ranger 2

Every Preston Light Ranger 2 user I’ve talked to refers to it as “a game changer.” For focus pulling on large sensor cameras I would add the phrases “an essential tool” and “job security.” My last two projects were both 65mm (one in 8K), and there is no way I could have perfectly achieved and repeated some of the shots without the LR2’s guidance. read more…

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The Gods of Focus Speak: LR2

Here are recent reports about using Preston’s Light Ranger 2 on some major features and TV series — from Gods of Focus: Paul Santoni, Richie Masino, Jonas Steadman, Serge Nofield, Pergrin Jung, Daniel Bombell, and Jason Garcia read more…

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Preston LR2 Demo and Keslow Open House

On Saturday, July 16, the crew from Preston Cinema Systems pulled into Keslow Camera’s Culver City headquarters on Blackwelder Street for a day of Light Ranger 2 demos and a Keslow Camera Open House. Howard Preston, Alanna Berkson and Matt Davis provided hands-on demos with a large variety of camera and lens combinations equipped with the LR2. The Light Ranger 2 is described by Howard Preston as… read more…

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Preston LR2 Demo at Keslow Camera

Preston Light Ranger LR2 Demo: Preston Cinema Systems will present their Light Ranger 2 Focus System at Keslow Camera on Saturday, July 16, 2-5 pm. Border Food Truck will be outside

Preston Cinema Systems will present their Light Ranger 2 Focus System at Keslow Camera on Saturday, July 16, 2-5 pm. The Open House will provide hand-on demos with a large variety of camera and lens combinations equipped with the LR2. Howard Preston and crew will be there. Bring your own Preston MDR3 for a necessary Light Ranger 2 update that can be done on site. Also, the famous BORDER GRILL Food Truck will be outside from 2:30 – 4:30 pm with complimentary beverages and gourmet tacos, sides and more… read more…

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Preston Light Ranger 2

Howard Preston is at BSC Expo and AFC Micro Salon demonstrating his new patent-pending Light Ranger 2 (LR2). Howard calls it a “critical focus tool for the digital world.” You still work with your familiar FIZ. The LR2 intuitively guides focus-pulling in the correct direction, near or far. You confirm this by viewing almost any monitor, which gets a graphical overlay from the LR2. The thing works in a number of modes: manual, autofocus, or basic distance measuring. read more…

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Preston MDR French Translation

For our French colleagues at Cannes: a translation of pages 6-7 from current June 2013 edition on Preston’s new MDR3. Translated by Pierre Souchar. read more…


Howard Preston’s 2012 UCLA Commencement Address

Howard Preston is president and founder of Preston Cinema Systems, makers of Micro Force, MDR, FI+Z and much more. On Saturday, June 16, Dr. Preston was invited back to his alma mater, UCLA, to give the Commencement Speech to the Astronomy and Physics Class of 2012. It is a wonderful story of becoming a filmmaker, jumping headfirst into the business, and a fabulous journey of discovery and invention. read more…

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Preston 8-Channel Motor Driver

  Preston Cinema Systems introduced a new 8-Channel Motor Driver at Cine Gear Expo 2011 to simplify the tangle of cables and boxes typical on 3D rigs. It’s called MDR3D (Motor Driver Receiver 3D). When shooting stereo 3D on a rig with two cameras and two lenses, you wind up with lots of motors–typically: 2 zooms, 2 focus, 2 iris,… read more…

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Howard’s Speech

Howard Preston received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Cine Gear 2011. Watch the Vimeo video of his speech and Jon Fauer’s introduction, shot with Canon 5D Mk II by Mirko Kovacevic, a long-time member of Preston Cinema Systems, and co-recipient of their 2007 Motion Picture Academy Sci-Tech Award. Full text transcripts follow. 

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Cine Gear Honors Howard Preston

Howard Preston will receive the Cine Gear Expo 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his significant contributions to advancing the art and craft of filmmaking. Howard is head of Preston Cinema Systems, makers of Microforce, Motors, FI+Z, FX Units, 3D Wireless Controls and much more. He revolutionized the way we focus and control lenses, and elevated the task of performing smooth… read more…

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