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Preston Light Ranger 2 Updates

Preston Cinema is shipping the new Light Ranger 2 and they are now working on some major productions. One big surprise is how great the range is. Initial specs put the far distance at around 40-60 feet. Actual practice is astoundingly several hundred feet. And the close distance is several millimeters in front of the lens. Updates were shown at Cine Gear. read more…

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Howard Preston’s 2012 UCLA Commencement Address

Howard Preston is president and founder of Preston Cinema Systems, makers of Micro Force, MDR, FI+Z and much more. On Saturday, June 16, Dr. Preston was invited back to his alma mater, UCLA, to give the Commencement Speech to the Astronomy and Physics Class of 2012. It is a wonderful story of becoming a filmmaker, jumping headfirst into the business, and a fabulous journey of discovery and invention. read more…

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