Canon EOS C300 Mark III S35 Camera

Canon EOS C300 Mark III with new CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95-3.95

Here is a summary of Canon’s new EOS C300 Mark III Super35 4K camera.

  • Records Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC internally.
  • 4K 120 fps Cinema RAW Light internal recording.
  • Super35 4K sensor.
  • Electronic image stabilization.
  • Dual Gain Ouput Sensor with improved dynamic range.
  • Dual Pixel Focus Guide eyepiece display shows whether you’re near focused or far and when you’re right on, it glows green.
  • HDR support for both HLG and PQ.

The body is the same size and weight as Canon’s C500 Mark II Full Frame camera.

Both models have:

  • Recording to internal CFexpress Cards.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • Diffraction Correction (sharpens images naturally).
  • Enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus
  • Extended range of the alternative Focus Guide
  • Feathered focus end stops.

This is the 10th Cinema EOS camera since Canon introduced the C300 in November 2011 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.

Super35 8.85 megapixel 4096 x 2160, 26.2 x 13.8 mm (29.6 mm Ø) Sensor

Canon’s C300 Mark III Super35 4K cine camera has interchangeable lens mounts and internal ND filters in an extremely compact and incredibly lightweight body that weighs less than 3.9 lb (1.75 kg).

The camera records 12-bit or 10-bit Super35 4K Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC internally from 12 to 120 fps. You don’t need a piggybacked or external recorder.

It comes with a standard Canon EF mount that accepts more than 130 million EF lenses worldwide.

Remove four 3mm screws in front, and you can swap the EF Mount yourself for a PL Mount or EF Cinema Lock Mount in about 5 minutes. Canon offers these as accessories. A shim kit is included with these mounts so you can adjust flange focal depth.

The C300 Mark III has 2 sensor modes: Super35 and Super16. Cropping is done in-camera. This is nice because you can summon up an entire collection of contemporary and vintage lenses, from Canon or anyone else, in Super35 or Super16 format. These might include a vintage Canon Super16 documentary classic 8-64mm T2.4 Zoom, K-35 Primes, Canon Zooms, ­Cine-Servo Zooms, Compact Zooms or Compact-Servo Zooms. Of course, Canon’s CN-E and Sumire Primes fit as well.

Various modules let you configure the C300 Mark III camera for handheld, shoulder resting, studio mode, crane, rig, aerial or gimbal mode—with EVF, handgrip, handle, expansion units and other accessories.
There are 3 viewing options.

The LCD Monitor LM-V2 LCD is included with the camera.

OLED Electronic Viewfinder EVF-V70 was introduced with C700 series and will works with C500 Mark II, C300 Mark II, C200, and now with the C300 Mark III.

EVF-V50 is a small, 0.46″ OLED viewfinder that attaches to the back of the camera. It is removable.

Canon EOS C300 Mark III


The lens mount attaches with four 3mm hex screws. Users can swap it in the field for an optional PL Mount or optional EF Cinema Lock Mount. Mounts come with a set of shims. Remember: to tighten the PL mount, think “clock(wise) to lock.” For the Locking EF mount, it’s counter-intuitive: “Counter-clock(wise) to lock.”

EOS C300 Mark III Super35 Camera with Canon Sumire Prime CN-E50mm T1.3


C300 Mark III Super35 Camera with Canon Prime CN-E 85mm T1.3

C300 Mark III Super35 Camera with Canon EF24-105mm F4 IS USM

C300 Mark III Super35 Camera with Canon Compact-Servo CN-E70-200mm T4.4

Canon Compact-Servo Lens Family:
Super35, EF Mount,
so use EF Mount on C300 Mark III
CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S
CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S

Shoulder Mode

Studio Mode

Canon EOS C300 Mark III Formats, Rez, Bit Depth, Max FPS, Slow & Fast, etc.

Charts courtesy of Canon. DGO sensor is effective below 60fps.

Canon EOS C300 Mark III Sensor Modes

Frame Rates

Recording Times

Additional specs and info can be found on the Canon website here.


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This article first appeared in FDTimes April 2020 Issue 101.

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