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Cooke Annual NAB 2015 Gathering: Anamorphics, Zooms, Rentals, RED 8K

Getting a coveted seat at the annual Cooke NAB dinner requires connections worthy of entry to a restaurant like Rao’s in New York. It also helps to be the owner of a substantial number of Cooke lenses, spherical or anamorphic. In an undisclosed location at a distinguished Las Vegas restaurant, more than 80 prominent rental houses and cinematographers convened to discuss the latest topics and trends and to meet new colleagues. Later in the evening, fueled by a dinner of Jurassic-sized steaks and fine wines, speeches are made on the state of the industry. Here is the edited transcript of Cooke Dinner NAB 2015. read more…

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Cine Gear LA

6/5/15 – 6/6/15
Cine Gear LA: Cine Gear 2015 at Paramount Studios

Pierre Angénieux Award at Cannes

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC will receive the Pierre Angénieux Award at the Cannes Film Festival this May. Thales Angénieux is a Cannes Film Festival Official Partner, and honors a prominent cinematographer each year.

Regarding RED 20×40

Keep calm and keep all your current lenses. 

RED’s Weapon 8K, introduced at NAB, is an important new camera expected later this year. The good news is that all current cine lenses will fit, will work, and will remain relevant for a long time. The other good news is that most full frame still lenses will also fit. It’s not so much about the 8K. Yes, it’s an 8K camera, but it will also do 4K in Super 35 and Full Frame. What’s important is the sensor size — 21.60 x 40.96 mm. read more…

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Cameras Smaller, Trucks Bigger

Cameras may be getting smaller, but look at the size of these campers, support trucks and craft service village on the streets of New York yesterday.  

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Optical and Digital Filters

Optical and Digital Filters for Cinematography About 60 people attended the New York Section’s April SMPTE meeting at MPE’s Penthouse 45 Suite.  Presentations were given by Ira Tiffen of Schneider Optics on glass filters, by Jena Rappolt-Noyes of The Tiffen Company on  DFXV4 digital filter software, and by Carey Duffy of The Tiffen Company on glass filters. Ira Tiffen and Carey Duffy spoke… read more…

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Keep it Moving

Keep it moving. Here are some smooth moves from ARRI with Alexa Mini. read more…


All Eyes and Ears

Former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman and Director Vanessa Hope discussed their new documentary “All Eyes and Ears” at the 21 Club yesterday. The film opens at the Tribeca Film Festival on Monday, April 20. Governor Huntsman marveled at Ms. Hope’s persistence in “showing up,” waiting outside the embassy, and a 25-hour train ride to Tibet. He… read more…


Leica Spring 2015 Special Edition (PDF)

26 MB PDF Free Download Newly updated Spring 2015 Edition. This is the free online PDF version of the printed copies handed out at NAB and available in the LA Leica Gallery. (previous edition was Photokina 2014). 126 pages. Perhaps lured by the glamor and excitement of the movies, dreams of exotic locations, and life outside the laboratory, Oskar Barnack built a… read more…

Roger Deakins to be honored at Cannes

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC will receive the Pierre Angénieux Award at the Cannes Film Festival this May. Thales Angénieux is a Cannes Film Festival Official Partner, and honors a prominent cienmatographer each year. Prvious recipients have been Philippe Rousselot, ASC, AFC and Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, HSC. Roger Deakins was born in Torquay, Devon, England. He attended art college and the National Film School, and began… read more…

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ZEISS Batis FF E-Mount Lenses

ZEISS continues its commitment to Full Frame (FF) 24x36mm Still Format with the introduction of their new Batis 2/25 and Batis 1.8/85 autofocus lenses for Sony’s alpha full-frame E-mount system, which includes the α7 family of cameras. read more…

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Jon’s NAB 2015 Wrap

Gallery of 170 images from my 4 days at NAB, 3 prep days, 3 days of press conferences, 6,000 pounds of Film and Digital Times delivered on 3 skids to 3 Freestanding Publication Bins, to our booth C10106, and to the 70 booths of our sponsors. Thank you Laura Riggs, Cecilia Montano and the staff at NAB, The Freeman Crew who constantly refilled and replenished the bins, and to all our readers, colleagues and companies. Additional reports and comments to follow. read more…


Oli at NAB 2015

As usual, the best way to start exploring any major motion picture trade shows is to first thoroughly speed-read the latest issue of Film and Digital Times. Obviously lunch and rest will not be a priority for the next few days. NAB is always preceded by conferences, lectures, keynotes, press conferences and seminars. Following the laws of physics, unfortunately one can only be in one place at any given time. Here’s an outline of the highlights of NAB for me. read more…



Is Michael Jonas, ARRI Product Manager, demonstrating the latest gimbal rig for the new featherweight ALEXA Mini? Index finger support, stabilization, ergonomic design. No — but he’s showing how light the new carbon fiber body camera really is.


NAB Day 3

NAB Day 3: Band Pro, Easyrig, ARRI, Canon, Cartoni, Mole Richardson, Vitec, OConnor, Anton/Bauer and many others.

NAB Last Day

    NAB 2015 has been big. Smiling exhibitors. More visitors than last year: NAB estimates over 100,000. Lots of equipment being purchased.

AbelCine Monitor Bracket

New monitor bracket from AbelCine — has brake pads to prevent drooping.

RED Weapon 8K

History repeats. RED again is shaking up the industry. Even more compelling than the concept of 8K, for me, is the physical size of the new sensor. The Weapon 8K sensor will accept so many lenses: full frame 24×36 format, and all current 35mm cine (18x24mm), 16mm lenses, and so on. The Weapon 8K will have a sensor around 20mm high x 40mm wide. Vittorio Storaro,… read more…

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NAB 2015 Day 2

NAB dust storm. Matthews, Codex, Leica, Shotover, DSC Laboratories, Panasonic, Really Right Stuff. read more…


NAB 2015 Day One

Mark Forman’s photos of NAB Day 1 read more…