AbelCine Monitor Bracket

New monitor bracket from AbelCine — has brake pads to prevent drooping.


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  1. But in contrast, Oppenheimer Camera Products has been building our specialty Monitor Yoke Mounts for the past 11 years. They don’t require a “brake” because by design they are “balanced” so even when “unlocked” they tend to sit upright or close to upright and they never run the risk of causing a stand to topple over.

    The advantage of the AbelCine (or Matthews or other) brackets is that they VESA mount, so they go on and off the monitor easily and, when removed, the monitor doesn’t require extra space in a case. BUT a big advantage of the OppCam Yoke Mounts is that when you open the case you can immediately place the monitor onto a baby or junior stand and you don’t need to “install” another item onto the monitor.