RED Weapon 8K


History repeats. RED again is shaking up the industry. Even more compelling than the concept of 8K, for me, is the physical size of the new sensor. The Weapon 8K sensor will accept so many lenses: full frame 24×36 format, and all current 35mm cine (18x24mm), 16mm lenses, and so on.

The Weapon 8K will have a sensor around 20mm high x 40mm wide. Vittorio Storaro, AIC, ASC will be smiling!  Univisium size — 2:1 aspect ratio — ratio of gods, designers and architects. But of course, you can use many different lens mounts, and compose for almost any format.

Winfried Scherle, Helmut Lehnhof, and Michael Schiehlen at ZEISS were smiling — their compact zooms CZ.2 and CP.2 primes cover the full frame format of the Weapon. (Inteview with Dr. Scherle coming soon).


Anamorphic 35mm lenses will not be cropped. The RED Weapon amply accommodates anamorphic 2x squeeze. (See Vantage Hawk below).


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