Alexa’s New SUP 8.1 gets /i

ARRI Alexa XT/XR Software Update (SUP) 8.1 enables Cooke /i lens metadata support, 90 fps Arriraw 4:3 recording onto XR Capture Drives, and other features outlined in the release notes and user manual (go to Downloads at ).

Up to now, Alexa cameras recognized LDS metadata from ARRI/ZEISS equipped lenses (Ultra Primes, Master Primes, Master Anamorphics, etc). ARRI’s /i Technology support nows recognizes /i lenses (miniS4/i, S4/i, 5/i, and upcoming Cooke Anamorphics). Data is transferred through the lens data pins in the PL mount. Basic /i compatibility has been tested and approved by Cooke Optics.

With SUP 8.1, an ALEXA XT can store a subset of lens data (focus distance, iris settings, serial number) with each frame. (When at speeds other than 23.976 to 30 fps, you may get an offset of several frames.

Rob Stiff, an ARRI Alexa and Cooke 5/i owner, came to the rescue with the following excellent stills that explain nicely how /i Technology looks and works on Alexa.

Images from Rob Stiff.

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