Oslo IMAGO Digital Cinema Forum

OSLO IMAGO DIGITAL CINEMA FORUM to be held in Oslo Norway for the 4th time. Organized by FNF.

the 4th IMAGO/FNF
Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

September 6, 7 and 8, 2013

IMAGO and the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers
in cooperation with the Norwegian Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fond

2013 Oslo Digital Cinema Conference.

Preliminary program

VFX/SFX and Virtual Cinematography. The technological challenges of several international and recent films will be focussed on extensively.

Other topics will be (amongst other):

Formats: The challenges of the digital cinematographer
ICAS/ACES, the AMPAS/ASC new Academy Color Encoding Specification.
How to control our images:
How to maximize the cooperation between DITs and DOPs.
Technical developments in international Cinema Theatres
New projection technology: HFR, Laser Light, Mercury Lamps etc.
Archiving our images for the future: The need for a Digital Restored Authorizate, DRA. Debayer first or debayer later; that is the question!
The (unnecessary?) complexity of digital cameras
 Silver Screens and High Gain Screens: What is the development?
New software tools for cinematographers
The necessity for an IMAGO “Star” Cinema Theatre quality Classification
New developments in camera technology, Arri, Sony, Red and Aaton

There will be social gatherings, debates, updates on IMAGO’s World-wide work and news for Cinematographers.

Discussions on the latest in camera technology development, software and thoughts about the future, technical and artistic challenges in cinematography

New equipment will be on exhibition for hands on use.

The IMAGO Board, the IMAGO Technical Committee and representatives from ASC will have meetings during the Conference.

For further information, contact Paul René Roestad fnf 

9/6/13 – 9/8/13
IMAGO/FNF Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

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