New from RVZ Paris

RVZ showed some interesting new products at AFC Micro Salon last week.


Their prototype rectangular ring light (contradiction in terms — but still a good name) attaches to the front of an LMB5 mattebox. It’s LED, bi-color daylight-tungsten, and dimmable. Nowhere is it written that a beauty eye-light must be round, and rather than fitting something round around something square-ish makes great sense. Especially if you’re tired of seeing round rings in models’ eyes all the time. You can also change the shape by turning off individual sections of the light. So you can have single lines of light, or L-shapes, or equal sign (=) light.


RVZ has a new split diopter holder that rotates and accommodates a full selection of split diopters of different powers. This is great for shots where you have two really close objects in different parts of the frame and you still want to hold focus for something at normal distance. For example, Sergio Leone afficianados attempting the remake of  “For a Few Diopters More” can have not one bad guy swatting flies on his face in glorious close-up, but two — on either side of the widescreen 2.40 frame. And far off, in the center of frame, the good guy enters the swinging doors of the saloon. The possibilities are endless and very good.

RVZ showed a set of PL mount modified Hasselblad V-lenses (classic series for the 500 / 2000 / 200 / 900 camera family). 56 x 56 mm image coverage. Pictures pending.


10847633_RVZRVZ also announced the start of a new company providing DIT services. Working with some of the top French DITs, they have new carts for on-set and near-set work to do downloads, backup, cloning, data management and grading. There are small, portable laptop based units and carts with the latest Mac Pro rack mounted with Promise RAID arrays (photos above.)

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