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Ben Affleck on AIR

Ben Affleck discusses his work directing AIR, shooting “D” camera, and producing the film with co-star Matt Damon and their production company Artists Equity.  Bob Richardson, ASC, was the cinematographer. read more…

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Bob Richardson, ASC on AIR

Bob Richardson, ASC seems to have a habit of being first to shoot with new prototype cameras. AIR was the first feature that I know of to use the ALEXA 35. Pre-production models, of course.

Bob explained, “When we heard about the ARRI ALEXA 35, I was instantly attracted to it. Not only was it receiving interesting reports from DITs I knew, but I was also doing research. I thought, ‘Okay, let’s go see this.’ Ben Affleck and I went to test it for AIR and we just said, ‘This is beautiful. Let’s try to get this camera.’ The added advantage of the ALEXA 35 camera was that it was Super35, not Large Format, so now it opened up a wide range of lensing.” read more…

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