Leitz M 0.8 Full Frame M-Mount Primes

Leitz M 0.8  are iconic Leica M lenses with a click-less iris, 0.8M industry-standard gear rings for lens motors, an 80 mm front diameter and 77 mm screw-in front filter threads. A screw-in metal sunshade makes the front diameter all the same. M 0.8 lenses are hand-selected for accuracy and quality. They receive three times more cleaning and polishing than regular Leica M lenses. You can shoot with M 0.8 lenses on cameras fitted with M mounts, and of course, Leicas. These are among the smallest and lightest Leica Format / Full Frame lenses anywhere — and their look is the stuff of legends.

(This is a “reprint” from August 2020 FDTimes issue 104.)




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