Leitz THALIA Large Format Primes

Leitz THALIA primes cover Large Format, Full Frame, Leica Format and 65mm Format cameras like ARRI ALEXA 65, Fujifilm GFX 100, etc. The image diagonal is 60 mm.

There are three Makro lenses in the Leitz THALIA set: 24 mm, 55 mm, 120 mm.  They focus to 1:2, meaning that you can fill the frame with an object that in real life is twice as large as the sensor. The focus barrels are marked not only with distance, but also magnification factor and exposure (light loss) for which you have to compensate. The German spelling of Makro is used, with a “k.”


The THALIA-T (90 mm T2.2) looks like the rest of the THALIA set on the outside, but its optical characteristics are totally different. Wide open, it has a vintage, romantic, slightly hazy and soft look. Stop down from T2.2 to T5.6 and things become progressively sharper, perhaps less vintage, veering toward post-modern. THALIA-T was based on venerable Leica optical designer Max Berek’s 1930s portrait lens: soft, glamorous, Greta Garbo glowing highlights.



THALIA Specifications



THALIA Gallery

(This is a “reprint” from August 2020 FDTimes issue 104.)



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