SmallHD Cine7 RED Camera Control

SmallHD is releasing a new Camera Control for RED DSMC2 software license for their popular Cine7 touchscreen monitors.

This software gives users full menu access to a RED DSMC2 camera when the monitor is connected using an included custom cable. With just a simple swipe across the screen, a menu appears as an overlay with offerings of multiple options to dial-in configurations for the camera.

In addition to standard parameters like white balance, resolution and filename, the new license also provides deep-level menu SmallHD Cine7 RED Camera Control control—including output overlays, image parameter modifications and power settings.

SmallHD’s Cine7 camera control came out first for ARRI cameras. They now are ready for RED.

Sony, Canon and Panasonic camera control are next.

So, the Cine7 Monitor is shaping up to be an essential on-set tool for camera crews around the world.

See SmallHD in Vitec Groups’s IBC booth: 12.E65

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2019 Edition #97

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