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SmallHD has two lines of new 4K HDR monitors. The name is “Small4K.” There will be a Small4K Vision Series and a Small4K Cine Series, each featuring three monitor sizes: 13″, 17″, and 24″.

Small4K is an appropriate name for obvious reasons and these monitors. All of the Vision and Cine Series monitors will be housed in a milled-aluminum chassis with a versatile assortment of  power and video interfaces—including four separate 12G-SDI inputs with loop-out. These 4K monitors, when combined with the Bolt 4K MAX (see article), will surely drive the adoption of 4K monitoring on set and on location.

The first monitors to be launched will be the Small4K Cine Series. These 4K screens expand the Cine Series lineup that began with the SmallHD Cine7 on-board monitor featuring touchscreen camera control. The Cine Series monitors have a thorough assortment of power, video and data communication ports. As we saw at IBC, they have bright screens displaying rich color and sharp detail. And they have an intuitive software user interface. Greg Smokler and Tim Malooly of CS add, “they have curated workflows for productive production.” Nice term: curated.

The  Small4K Vision Series have everything available on the Cine Series, but raises the bar for 4K HDR viewing. The Vision Series monitors are reference-grade displays with over 2000 zones of Full-Array Local Dimming and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. These displays cover 114% of the DCI-P3 color space, are fully calibratable (another Greg and Tim-ism), and offer exposure tools.

So, if you have been shooting in 4K HDR, color-grading in 4K HDR, and watching 4K HDR shows at home on your HDR TV, the nice folks at SmallHD believe “it’s high-time filmmakers finally start monitoring in 4K HDR with their 4K HDR sets on their sets”.

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2019 Edition #97



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