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AM Camera is now open full time. As many know, Andree Martin was the wizard at Clairmont Camera who ran the service department and kept cameras running for many years.

Now that Clairmont Camera has been acquired by Keslow Camera, Andree has set up shop with Kelly Condon (Mike Condon’s brother) in Valencia, Ca. It is near the Santa Clarita Studios and not far from Melody Ranch and Disney Ranch.

Andree writes, “I secured the office space in early October and spent the morning hours setting up the shop. The afternoons were spent at Clairmont servicing cameras that were going to be sold and helping Denny. Once I found out that Clairmont Camera was possibly going to be sold to Keslow, I approached Denny about purchasing the service department in order to open my own shop. Denny’s kindness and generosity has been tremendous. I have a fully outfitted shop with all the tools, test equipment, specialized camera fixtures, machine tools and parts to perform everything I was able to do at Clairmont Camera. My last day at Clairmont was the 19th of December.

“Kelly owns and operates Venture Quest which is a full service precision machine shop. He has  4 Fadal CNC mills and 2 Haas CNC lathes, and much more. Kelly has many years of experience machining for the aircraft industry as well as the motion picture industry. Kelly manufactured many  parts for Clairmont and he was our go-to guy for the Angenieux 24-290 carry handle assembly, BP-9 balance plate tops, lens mounts and the Alexa in-camera filter system. He also manufactured Panavision mounts for the 435 and Alexa. He is an excellent machinist who understands our industry and the required precision of our intricate parts and tools.”

AM Camera is open and ready  to repair cameras:

  • Service, repair and overhaul of all Arri and Moviecam cameras and accessories.
  • Service and repair of the Aaton 35 and other professional motion picture cameras on a limited basis. Limited service and repair of digital cameras and accessories. No electronic repair (yet).
  • Refurbishing of cameras and accessories. Repainting, replating and reanodizing. Lens evaluation and minor repairs.
  • Design and manufacture of camera accessories. Ground glass and glow mask sales.
  • New and used equipment sales. Including sales of camera parts.

Kelly and Andree have talents that complement each other and they have already started to collaborate on projects to bring to the industry. They will also work together with clients to assist in design, manufacture and assembly of any project they may have.

Contact info:

Andree Martin
AM Camera
24932 Ave Kearny Suite 8 2nd Floor Valencia, Ca. 91355
(661) 433-7667


office hrs 8:30am to 5pm


Venture Quest / Kelly Condon
24932 Ave Kearny Suite 8 1st Floor Valencia, Ca. 91355
(661) 257-7670
bkcondon (at)



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  1. Jon Johnson says:

    Congratulations and good luck on your new venture!
    Thanks for all of your help and guidance over the years!

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