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Denny Clairmont writes, “I have sold Clairmont Camera to Keslow Camera and am happily  retiring.  Keslow Camera did not want the film cameras so I have a lot of them to sell.

“I have two brand new Vist Vision movements I bought as spares for our Wilcam VistaVision camera that have never been used except to be tested in a camera to make sure they worked properly. Geoff Williamson designed and made them.  They have the traditional VistaVision 3-pin registration and are able to go up to 100 fps. Could be good for a VistaVision film scanner.

“Also, see attached list of film cameras for sale.   There are 2-perf cameras, 3-perf cameras, and 4-perf cameras and any kind of magazines that were ever made.  Even 800 ft Arri 16 SR magazines.

“Interested companies can call me on my office phone 818-755-4744 or email dennyclairmont (at)  If I am not available they could speak to Alan Albert or Andree Martin.”

 All The Best, 

 Denny Clairmont


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