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Denny Clairmont writes, “I have sold Clairmont Camera to Keslow Camera and am happily  retiring.  Keslow Camera did not want the film cameras so I have a lot of them to sell.

“I have two brand new Vist Vision movements I bought as spares for our Wilcam VistaVision camera that have never been used except to be tested in a camera to make sure they worked properly. Geoff Williamson designed and made them.  They have the traditional VistaVision 3-pin registration and are able to go up to 100 fps. Could be good for a VistaVision film scanner.

“Also, see attached list of film cameras for sale.   There are 2-perf cameras, 3-perf cameras, and 4-perf cameras and any kind of magazines that were ever made.  Even 800 ft Arri 16 SR magazines.

“Interested companies can call me on my office phone 818-755-4744 or email dennyclairmont (at)  If I am not available they could speak to Alan Albert or Andree Martin.”

 All The Best, 

 Denny Clairmont


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  1. Clint Oalmer says:

    Ah, Denny, congratulations on finishing up such a fine career. Your mention of the Wilcam makes me smile. Remember, I was the first assistant to take that camera out into the field, for The Abyss, shooting storms at sea, for real, up in Washington in 88. Most of my 3 week prep was in Geoff’s workshop in Yucaipa, while he was still finishing #1. Since there were no accessories, and since you and Terry and AA were THE go-to creative camera team, I sent Fox your way and you outfitted me with so much indispensable gear, esp the spray deflector, There was no way to accurately describe the horrendous shooting conditions in 20 & 30 foot seas, full gales, raining sideways. I remember you being pissed that I was exchanging remotes each week. You could not see them, as I did, even with all the protection I could muster, corroding in front of my eyes. My apologies. Your team at Clairmont, Irv, Sean, and all the rest, got me through every challenge. Once I moved into sitcoms in 89, and still there today, I was at the mercy of the Studios, who only wanted to deal with that other outfit, then in Tarzana, now in Woodland Hills. Your made my FX and commercial time the best, least stressful, most creative time in the 80s so encouraging, and my thanks are long overdue. I’m still in the game, and grateful for you and Terry helping me get my footing. I’m grounded now.
    All the best, Clint Palmer

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