Sony 4K SxS Memory Player PMW-PZ1


How to play back 4K? Especially without a computer. The Sony PMWPZ1 Player is shipping now. One just landed in our lab.

Eject an SxS Card from your Sony F55 or FS7 and pop it into the PZ1 Player. Push the play button. Pristine 4K plays on your giant 4K TV or Reference Monitor via 3G/HD-SDI (x4) or HDMI. You can also play back from an external hard drive via USB3. Sony makes rugged, rubber-bumpered (PSZHA2T 2TB HDD) drives up to 2 TB. You can also clone your SxS card to these drives. As mentioned before–no computer necessary.

The PZ1 plays 4K and HD in formats that include XAVC Intra, XAVC Long, XAVC S-Long*, MPEG HD422* and MPEG HD*. (* with firmware upgrade in Fall 2015.)

In summary, here’s an essential VTR style player for the tapeless digital era.


Sony PZ1 Player with external hard drive connected via USB3

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  1. Mitch says:

    You mentioned this works with the FS7, which uses XQD cards. Is there a way this can work with its media?

    • Jon Fauer says:

      You can play files on XQD memory cards (Sony FS7 camera) with an accessory QDA-EX1 XQD ExpressCard adapter.

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