Canon Project Imaginat10n


Canon U.S.A. hosted the premiere of their 2013 “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival, at Lincoln Center yesterday.

The ten films were introduced by Canon’s Michelle Fernandez, Ron Howard, and the ten directors:

  • Jamie Foxx – “…And She Was My Eve”
  • Eva Longoria –  “Out of the Blue”
  • Georgina Chapman – “A Dream of Flying”
  • James Murphy – “Little Duck”
  • Biz Stone – “Evermore”
  • Arrius Sorbonne –  “Dominus”
  • Jared Nelson –  “Chucked”
  • Julian Higgins – “Here and Now”
  • Kalman Apple – “A Day in the Country”
  • Ronnie Allman – “Filter”

The project began with a contest for the public to submit still photos following 9 storytelling themes. 91 winning photos were selected. Each director chose nine photos, one from each theme, to guide their screenplays. A 10th photo was selected by Ron Howard: a difficult snail on a leaf.  Each film was restricted to 9 minutes or less.


Eva Longoria explained that she moved to Hollywood to become a stunt woman. Her fast-paced action-thriller “Out of the Blue” was her dream come true, with well-shot, tightly-edited action scenes, and nicely choreographed stunts.

All 10 films and making-of’s can be seen online.

Most of the shorts were done with Canon Cinema EOS Cameras. One film was shot in Super16 with Kodak 50D negative. Can you tell which one?




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