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Penelope 35mm from Lemac

One of Lemac Film and Digital’s Aaton Penelope 35mm  cameras was used in 2-perf mode on this  Australian music video.

Strange Tenants, the band many consider to be the godfathers of Australian ska, recently released a new music video “Who Mines the Riches.” The band dedicated the song to miners around the world, as a salute to the difficult work and conditions they deal with day in and day out. All the members of Strange Tenants come from working class backgrounds, and celebrating the working class culture is a continuing theme in their music.

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The film was produced and directed by Jeff Bird, with cinematography by Edward Goldner. It was shot on location at an abandoned gold mine in Smeaton, Victoria.

Edward Goldner used Kodak Vision3 200T 5213 film negative. “Film not only looks beautiful,” he said, “but it’s also fast to work with, which was important for a clip that had to be shot in one day.”

Neglab in Australia

Neglab, an Australian motion picture film laboratory for processing 35mm and 16mm color negative, will reopen later this month. Werner Winkelmann, original owner of the facility, has over 25 years of experience working in the lab industry and brings extensive expertise to the entire imaging chain. Neglab originally opened in July 1997, and suspended operations a few years ago. But with renewed interest and a resurging demand by filmmakers to originate on film, Winkelmann saw an opportunity to reopen.

A recognized expert in the laboratory business, Winkelmann has been involved in building ECN2, ECP2 and ECP3, and black-and-white processors throughout his career. Joining him at Neglab will be Herbert Stegbauer, director and owner of Stegbauer Pty., manufacturer and supplier of film processing equipment. Stegbauer started his career at Colorfilm and later co-founded Filmlab Engineering. Neglab will operate out of Stegbauer’s factory. Together, Winkelmann and Stegbauer have assembled a team of experts with over 80 years of experience in the film industry.

Neglab has installed the latest magnetic drive processor, with meticulous attention to cleanliness. Neglab’s processor has  backup and safety systems for trouble-free operation and processing of 35mm and 16mm color negatives.

“Customer service is a priority for us,” said Winkelmann. “We offer location pick up and handling anywhere within the Sydney central business district, and all rushes will be quickly delivered directly to the production’s telecine facility of choice. We can also arrange shipments at reasonable rates, when requested by the customer.”

For more information on Neglab, contact w.winkelmann.48 (at), or call +0409.928.117.


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