Canon 7D FGV-PL at CSC

We tested the new FGV PL-mounted Canon EOS 7D at ARRI/CSC today. Solid as a block–which is how the mount is machined–from the same custom block of metal that holds the CMOS sensor. FGV removed the entire mirror and optical finder assembly, and replaced it with theirs. This saves weight, and as you can see, supports a big ZEISS Master Prime without sagging. The flange focal distance came up perfectly using test targets and tapes. (yes, you can have your favorite lens technician adjust its shims).

Be sure to get the custom riser plate made by FGV for the Canon 7D. The follow focus shown here is Arri’s MFF-1, part of the MMB-1 kit.

Take a look at this clip of the FGV-PL 7D, shot with a Canon 1D mk IV at 24p 1920×1080. Although it looks kind of impressive on an Arrihead, that’s sort of the digital equivalent of using an Eyemo on a geared head. How often would you do that? As Joe Longo used to say, “It’s like taking a bath with your socks on.” In other words, you probably wouldn’t do it too often. The point of the FGV-PL is to provide a solid grab camera, for POV shots, rigs, handheld, run ‘n gun, action, sports, adventure. This is the perfect Directors and Cinematographers Finder. It accepts all PL mounted lenses. It’s also a great B camera, or B through Z camera on multiple camera setups like stunts.

The first FGV-PL Canon 7D cameras are being delivered to ARRI/CSC in New York, ARRI Rental in Munich, and I heard Otto Nemenz is getting six. Be there. Aloha.

Assisted by: Clementine Garcia, Pedro Corcega, Gus Gustafson, Phil Gosiewski.

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