P+S Technik 3D Freestyle Rig

Here’s Anna Piffl, modeling the new P+S Technik Freestyle Rig, shown here with two SI-2K cameras. This 3D mirror rig is made of Carbon Fiber, also used for Formula 1 race cars. Wireless remote control systems work with the rig’s integrated motors for stereo base and convergence adjustments.

The Freestyle Rig has been tested with Sony HDW 750, Sony EX3, Red, Canon HDSLR, and SI-2K cameras–accommodating camera and lens packages up to  7 kg per camera.

The 3D mirror rig is universal, so it mounts to all recent Steadicam, artemis, and other stabilizing systems. It can be used in regular and goofy mode.

The Freestyle Rig is a longtime collaboration between P+S Technik as designer and manufacturer, and Philippe Bordelais as Steadicam operator and Stereographer. See article in current Micro Salon Issue of Film and Digital Times, page 35.

The chassis and the mirror box of the Freestyle Rig are made by a German carbon specialist, well-known for carbon fiber monococques for Formula 1 racing teams. Structural parts made of carbon fiber are good not only for Formula 1, but also for Steadicam applications. The main features of this technology are the very high stiffness, dimensional accuracy and high surface quality of the produced laminate, as well as high temperature resistance (up to 240 degrees). That means the Freestyle Rig can be subjected to the very most extreme conditions without warping or even damage (e.g. high, low or changing temperatures, high impact stress, heavy cameras.) Take it for a test drive at NAB.

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