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Bright Tangerine KOMODO-X AKS and Misfit Kick Mk II

Bright Tangerine launches their new Misfit Kick Mk II. This updated mattebox comes with several improvements. The top flag installs in seconds. Just align the notches and tighten two large thumbscrews. A Torsion Plate spans the entire length of the top flag to absorb and dampen vibrations. Also—Bright Tangerine’s LeftField Accessory System is now compatible with RED KOMODO-X. read more…

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The RED KOMODO-X is a camera user’s camera, a constant delight you want to keep in your carry-on bag or under-seat case to take everywhere. It is thoughtfully designed and meticulously machined. Controls are intuitive. Of course, the images are beautiful. Jarred Land said, “A while ago, there weren’t many cameras in the mid-range. That’s changed a little. A new wave of filmmakers have created a new middle market, just above what was once called ‘prosumer’ and KOMODO-X fits beautifully in there.” read more…