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InterBEE 2016 Tokyo

InterBEE 2016 ran for 3 days — November 16, 17, 18 in the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, Chiba, about an hour northeast of Tokyo. 1,090 companies and organizations exhibited in 1,926 booths. There were 593 exhibitors from 34 countries. 38,047 visitors attended. 6,000 copies of the Special November Film and Digital Times InterBEE Edition in Japanese were printed in Tokyo and distributed at… read more…

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InterBEE 2014 Slideshow

InterBEE 2014 took place in the massive Makuhari Messe on November 19, 201, 21. The convention center with the German name (Photokina is held in the Koelnmesse) is about an hour’s train ride north of central Tokyo, past the giant ferris wheel and Tokyo Disney World. A record number of visitors attended: 37,959. 977 companies exhibited in 1,773 booths, including 543 exhibitors from… read more…

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InterBEE Tokyo

11/19/14 – 11/21/14
InterBEE 2014: FDTimes Japan will be there

This is the 50th anniversary of InterBEE, the largest production, video, audio and communications professional exhibition in Japan. More than 31,000 visitors came from 35 countries last year, with 918 exhibiting companies. November 19, 20, 21 at Mukuhari Messe, Tokyo www.inter-bee.com/en/


InterBEE Tokyo 2013

Inter BEE 2013 began on November 13 at the Makuhari Messe. It’s interesting how certain German phrases persist: Messe, Lens Meister…. 918 companies and organizations exhibited in 1,491 booths, representing 536 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions around the world. 31,979  visitors attended the three day show. Inter BEE 2014 is scheduled Wednesday, November 19 to Friday, November 21, 2014,… read more…

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