InterBEE 2016 Tokyo

InterBEE 2016 ran for 3 days — November 16, 17, 18 in the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, Chiba, about an hour northeast of Tokyo.

1,090 companies and organizations exhibited in 1,926 booths. There were 593 exhibitors from 34 countries. 38,047 visitors attended.

6,000 copies of the Special November Film and Digital Times InterBEE Edition in Japanese were printed in Tokyo and distributed at the show. Thanks to all the translators, editors and volunteers who made this issue possible. Below—rear row, left to right: Yasuhiko Mikami, Masako Misaki, Sae Nakatani, Masa Yasumoto, Osamu Tsukada, Yoichi Nakano, Keitaro So, Yasuaki Mitsuwa. Front row, l-r: Gerhard Baier, Takashi Amemiya (Mr. InDesign), Arato Ogura, Rie Akashi, Jon Fauer, Shinji Yamaki.

FDTJ - FDTimes Japan Translators

FDTJ – FDTimes Japan Translators

The InterBEE show was big, and the screens were big as well. 8K was everywhere. It’s only 4 years to the 8K Tokyo Olympics. There were some interesting things not often seen — especially the PL-EF and EF-E mount flare adapters from Technical Farm. Selectively cover the plexi barrel with black camera tape to reduce flare; peel it away to increase haziness. Shine a flashlight through the plexi barrel to create interesting or weird flares. A very useful accessory.

Technical Farm PL-EF Flare Adapter

Technical Farm PL-EF Flare Adapter

Technical Farm EF-E mount Flare Adapter

Technical Farm EF-E mount Flare Adapter


Next year, Inter BEE is scheduled from Wednesday, November 15 to Friday, November 17, 2017.

Take a look at the photo gallery below. Click on any image to begin slideshow.


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