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ActionProducts Alexa Mini AKS

“Made in Switzerland” makes me think of finely crafted watches, reliable mechanical things, and of course, ActionProducts — the Swiss manufacturers of very well-made camera accessories. ActionProducts’ new accessories give ARRI Alexa Minis the potential to become…gasp…your A-Camera. Let’s start at the back (photo above, left to right). First comes a battery plate, choice of Anton/Bauer or V-Mount or quick release for separate battery… read more…

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Alexa Mini ActionProducts AKS

ActionProducts in Switzerland has a new line of accessories for the ARRI Alexa Mini. Like their modular lineup for RED, ActionProducts equips Alexa Minis with everything you can dream of to configure the Mini for everything from an A-Camera package to hand-held, rig, stabilized or wireless operation. read more…

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