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ActionProducts in Switzerland has a new line of accessories for the ARRI Alexa Mini.
Like their modular lineup for RED, ActionProducts equips Alexa Minis with everything you can dream of to configure them for everything from an A-Camera package to hand-held, rig, stabilized, gimbal or wireless operation.

The accessories are modular and detailed on Innocinema’s site–you can build the camera out with the products you require. Here’s a summary.


Handle, Cage, Mounts

ActionProducts  Mounting Clamp-On Adapters attach to both the top and bottom of the Alexa Mini and are essentially the building blocks onto which the other modules attach. Shown above and below: Clamp-on Adapters, top handle, single-knob viewfinder bracket, 15mm lightweight rod holders, cheeseplates, handgrip rosette mounting points, and riser plate.


Handle, Cage, Mounts –camera left side


Full package with shoulder mount, handles, quick release plate

ActionProducts provide a dovetail AND quick release baseplate. It has a two-stage lock. You can slide it onto ARRI-style sliding dovetail bases, or snap on/off with its quick release mechanism — and it accepts 19 mm and 15 mm supports.


Dovetail + quick release baseplate

ActionProducts’ additional modules provide video output distribution, mount for Paralinx video transmitter, battery mounts, and power distribution.

Video Distribution: 4 HD-SDI outputs

Moudles for Video Distribution: 4 HD-SDI outputs and Paralinx HD transmitter


ActionProducts Electra Module for power distribution: 2x D-tap, 2x Lemo, 3-pin RS Fischer. Built-in Puffer Battery to give your Alexa Mini a “puff” of hot-swap power for 4-minutes while you change batteries. V-mount and Gold mount modules attach to the Electra.

Proteus & HD-SDI splitter & Electra V-Mount

And here’s a combined view of the ActionProducts Proteus–consisting of the HD-SDI video distribution module and the Electra power module




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