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ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Accessories with Battery plate, hot-swap, and power distribution at back.

“Made in Switzerland” makes me think of finely crafted watches, reliable mechanical things, and of course, ActionProducts — the Swiss manufacturers of very well-made camera accessories.

ActionProducts’ new accessories give ARRI Alexa Minis the potential to become…gasp…your A-Camera. Let’s start at the back (photo above, left to right).

First comes a battery plate, choice of Anton/Bauer or V-Mount or quick release for separate battery module.

Next is ActionProducts’ Power Module. It up-converts 12-14 volts to 24 volts.  It has two industry-standard 2-pin Lemo 12-volt connectors and one 3-pin Fischer 24-volt connector and a P-Tap connector.

Scuba Divers often carry small 2-5 minute Spare Air tanks in addition to their large cylinders. ActionProducts provides something similar for your camera batteries:  hot-swap between battery changes. A small, internal rechargeable battery gives you up to 4 minutes of power between battery changes. That saves lots of time, since camera and accessories don’t have to be switched off and rebooted.

Next module to the right is for video distribution. The ActionProducts  HD-SDI Splitter Module has three HD-SDI BNC connectors and an HDMI connector. There’s also a 5-volt USB connector that is helpful for powering an on-board video transmitter.


ActionProducts Full Cage

ActionProducts Full Cage comes with top, side, and shoulder-mount handles, cheese plates, top and bottom 15mm lightweight (60mm spacing) rod sockets with riser plate, and a shoulder mount with 15mm/19mm quick release bridge plate.

The top and bottom Clamp-On Adaptors work as mounting points. The cheese plates attach to the left and right sides. Any ARRI dovetail or the 15mm Lightweight Rod Mount Cheese Plate (which also works as an industry-standard height riser) can be attached. The EVF Self-Locking Mount attaches to the left side of the camera.


Shoulder Mount Razor 2.0

The new ActionProducts Shoulder Mount Razor 2.0 attaches to almost any dovetail, camera-plate, or directly to the camera. It adjusts easily and comfortably and comes in a variety of fabrics and colors.


Hirth-tooth rosettes

Rosettes. We love Hirth-tooth rosettes. ActionProducts has all kinds to mount extension arms, handgrips, rod adapter, and existing industry-standard accessories.


Carbon fiber handgrip extenders made from 15mm rods

If ActionProducts accessories for the Alexa Mini look somewhat familiar, it’s because many of the parts are compatible and can be used with their RED accessories.

More info from ActionProducts/InnoCinema.

Distributed in the US by InnoCinema.



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