Otto Blad and Otto Desć

Otto Desć ads aired yesterday during the Oscars got our best spots award. Although legendary filmmaker Otto Desćinski is a spoof, as is FDTimes best spot award, Autodesk is good and real.

Otto Blad is also very real. Ottoblad lenses are named for Otto Nemenz. Introduced at BSC Expo, they are Hasselblad/Zeiss Medium Format lenses expertly rehoused by P+S Technik of Munich. The mechanics are silky smooth, as are the images created.

The project was initiated about two years ago by Otto Nemenz International’s Otto Nemenz, Fritz Heinzle (Executive VP), Alex Wengert (General Manager), Dan Lopez (Head of Lens Service/Repair Department) and Gerhard Baier (Managing Director of P+S Technik).

The thing that got everyone’s attention at BSC Expo was the rear ring of the Ottoblads. Calibrated and numbered 0 – 6, you can dial in various degrees of detuning/tuning.

L-R: Fritz Heinzle, Gerhard Baier, with Ottoblad 80mm

Gerhard explained, “As we start with these high performance Hasselblad, there is a lot of information that can be played with. The optical tuning module changes the Hasselblad/Zeiss lens into an  Ottoblad lens.”

Fritz explained, “We have been working on these lenses for several years and they are available now.” Otto added, “Two sets are already out on a production.”

The Optical Tuner (OT), designed by P+S Technik, is a module that lets you start with a pristine image (sharp overall), and adjust the resolution/field curvature/bokeh characteristics (smooth and sharp center, soft at the edges). This is excellent for portraits.

It is NOT a rear diopter or filter. Rather, it is an entire internal optical group. You do not have to reshim or adjust flange focal depth. Comes in PL mount.

Ottoblad lens series is currently only available through Otto Nemenz Intl. Focal lengths (Ot- toblad and Hasselblad) are currently available from 30mm up to 500mm.

Ottoblad Specs



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