Dash Dot Dot / Dash Dash / Dash Dash Dot.

That’s Morse code for DMG — as in DMG Lumiere.

And now, DASH is the brilliant new pocket LED light fixture from DMG Lumiere by Rosco. Unlike many other iPhone-size LED lights, this one is housed in a rugged aluminum housing that can endure most production scenarios.

A brief background. You’re probably familiar with DMG Lumiere’s MIX family of 1.4″ thin LED lights: SL1 Mix (44″ x 8″), Maxi Mix (47″ x 14″), Mini Mix (23″ x 8″). And do not forget the MIXBOOK digital swatchbook (3.2″ x 2.3″) that doubles as a nice micro light. They can all be controlled with the myMIX app for iOS, Android and APK.  

DASH is tiny (5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″) but powerful (up to 35 footcandles at 3.3 feet / 380 Lux at 1 meter.)


You probably know DoorDash, the delivery service that brings takeout to table. And DMG DASH is just the light to illuminate life in lockdown. Cosmopolitan cocktails will glow under the influence of a DASH LED artfully placed below, as in Kubrick’s underlighting-in-shot A Clockwork Orange and The Shining bar scenes. Obsessively molded spheres of ice, sheltering an orchid embedded within, become radiant.

We’ll get to practical on-set and on-location setups in a minute…


And here are the BTS Production Stills:




DASH comes with a set of magnetized beam shaping accessories: flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, eggcrate, and a gel holder. Mounting accessories include a baby stand spigot, magnet mount and ¼-20 thread.

Mount it on-camera as a Obie light (eye light). Diffuse it with the DASH Dot or a larger frame. Do I hear sewing machines working on DASH Snapbags? It’s great for under dashboard car shots: DASH dash.

Attach four DASH fixtures together with the link system of the DASH Quad kit and you get a softer light.

Dash has an internal, rechargeable battery; it can go almost anywhere.

EXT – CHASE SCENE, RUNNING ALONG CITY STREET – NIGHT. Attach DASH to the end of a boom pole held by an electrician.

Documentaries: light at night with DASH, not your iPhone. If it has a ringtone, it’s probably not a reliably color-accurate light.

Interiors: DASH can be stashed almost anywhere. And so it goes.


DMG DASH Dot is a silicone half globe diffuser when you want a flattering, round Obie light.  It’s so pretty, you may want to include it in the shot as a practical lamp.


DMG DASH comes in two different configurations:

DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit includes case, USB-C cable, flat diffuser, dome diffuser, eggcrate, light stand and magnet mounts, and gel holder. List price: $279 USD, €239 EU.

Quad Kit includes four complete pocket kits, a carrying case and a LINK accessory to configure and mount the four lights together. List price: $1250 USD, €1099 EU.

Here are four DASHES linked together:


The DMG Lumiere family, below:



  • Color mixing: has the same six-chip LED set found in all of Rosco’s MIX lights. DMG DASH can create over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches and light output with high 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI values.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3.1 x 1.1 inch light
  • Control options: DMG DASH can be controlled with its onboard dials and menu or via Bluetooth using the myMIX app. You can adjust Color Temperature (White), 130 Rosco Gel colors, Color, Effects, and Source Match.
  • Weatherproof:  Aluminum Alloy housing,  outdoor rating for use in almost all weather conditions.

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