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Dash Dot Dot / Dash Dash / Dash Dash Dot.That’s Morse code for DMG as in DMG Lumiere.And now, DASH is the brilliant new pocket LED light fixture from DMG Lumiere by Rosco. It is housed in a rugged aluminum housing that can endure most production scenarios. DASH can all be controlled with the myMIX app for iOS, Android and APK.  DASH is tiny (5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″) but powerful (up to 35 footcandles at 3.3 feet / 380 Lux at 1 meter.) read more…

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MINI MIX from DMG Lumière by ROSCO

The MINI MIX from DMG Lumière by ROSCO blends six LEDs to create almost any color you can conjure up or you can accurately match Rosco gels. read more…

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