Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Report


This Special Report about the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K camera is compiled from several editions of FDTimes. It is a free, printable, 36-page 11 MB PDF download.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K costs less than $10K. It dares to defy a typical engineering riddle—pick any four of six: quality, resolution, easy data wrangling, size, weight, cost. Incredibly, URSA 12K gives you all six.

As John Brawley said in FDTimes a few months ago, “Blackmagic  threw millions of dollars at developing their own 12K sensor  from scratch when you would struggle to even get 8K. I think that shows their ongoing maturation as an imaging company.”

URSA 12K is a serious camera now shooting seriously stellar Super35 images at an astonishing 79.6 Megapixels per frame (12,288 x 6480) up to 75 fps in 2.39:1 (2.4:1), among many other aspect ratios, frame rates and resolutions.

This report is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat set to View>Page Display>Two Page View>Show Cover Page in Two Page View.

Or in Apple Preview set to View>Two Pages.



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