SmallHD Indie 7 Monitor

Indie 7 is a new SmallHD 7″ touchscreen monitor, well, for independent filmmakers and many others. Some call it an entry level model, but perhaps that is a bit modest for something so packed with helpful features.

This is probably the affordable monitor you’ll want to tame your new KOMODO. Optional software upgrades provide touchscreen camera control of RED KOMODO and DSMC2 cameras.

Dave Bredbury, Product Manager (Cine) at Creative Solutions, said, “The Cine 7 and 702 Touch monitors have proven widely popular, especially with operators who use Camera Control for RED. With the announcement of KOMODO and other compact professional cameras, we saw the necessity to add a model to the series for those working on a more independent budget. Indie 7 is that model.”

As its name suggests, Indie 7 has a 7″ 1080p touchscreen display. At 1000 Nits, it is visible in bright daylight. Indie 7 uses intuitive PageOS 4 software that provides many cinematography tools and customized menu opportunities. Camera Control for RED KOMODO and DSMC2 are offered as two individual software upgrades for seamless access to all internal camera functions and settings. An Indie 7 KOMODO Kit will also be available with an included Control Cable for full tethering and camera accessibility.

Indie 7 accepts the Teradek Bolt 4K RX (Receiver) Monitor Moddule (Gold Mount or V-Mount). As described in the Bolt 4K LT article on the previous page, the Monitor Module attaches directly to the Indie 7 without cables. Because Indie 7 inputs a full 4K image, you can check critical focus with 1:1 pixel mapping when punching in because the video signal is four times the resolution of the display.

Indie 7 is compatible with Teradek RT for pulling focus. Teradek RT overlays are also available for monitoring wireless FIZ control settings.

Dave Bredbury concluded, “We’re continuing to develop addi- tional hardware integrations and software upgrades for Indie 7, Cine 7 and 702 Touch to further expand access into new cameras and simplify monitoring for all creative professionals.”
Indie 7 launched on October 15, 2020.


  • Indie 7 Smart Monitor: $899
  • Indie 7 RED KOMODO Kit: $1,399
  • Introductory Price: $1,149
  • Indie 7 Bolt 4K RX (Monitor+ Module Bundle): $2,399

Software License Upgrades for Cine 7, 702 Touch, Indie 7

  • Camera Control Kit for RED DSMC2 : $499
  • Camera Control Kit for RED KOMODO: $499
  • Introductory price $249

Note: ARRI, VENICE, DSMC2, and KOMODO Camera Control licenses are all sold separately. However, the Cine7 includes 1x Camera-Control license as part of the $1799 base price.

(This is a “reprint” from November 2020 FDTimes issue 105.)

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