FUJINON Premista 19-45 mm T2.9

Jan 14. FUJINON officially launches their new Premista 19-45 mm T2.9 Full Frame zoom lens.

This third member of the Premista zoom family was first announced as being in development on Sept 2, 2020.

Now it is here and will be released on January 28, 2021 with an online presentation that day (details to follow.)

The three FUJINON Premistas cover from 19 mm to 250 mm:

  • 19-45 mm T2.9
  • 28-100mm T2.9
  • 80-250mm T2.9-3.5

19 mm on a Full Frame zoom is quite wide. It’s approximately equivalent to 13 mm in Super 35 format.

They all have a 46.3mm image diagonal. Irises have 13 blades. Front diameters are all the same, as are gear positions for focus, iris and zoom.

A back focus adjustment mechanism lets you easily adjust the flange focal distance by unlocking and rotating a ring on the lens barrel in case you don’t want to use shims.

The focus barrel rotates 280 degrees. Index marks on the focus, zoom and iris rings have fluorescent paint so they are easy to see at night or in dark places.

All three zooms are equipped with a ZEISS eXtended Data 4-pin Lemo connector and contacts in the mount.The ZEISS eXtended Data protocol is an extension of Cooke /i Technology. It enables recording of metadata about focus, iris and zoom settings, serial number, as well as lens distortion and shading (illumination fall-off at the edges of frame).

Beginning Feb 1, 2021, list prices for the FUJINON Premista Zooms are as follows:

  • 19-45 is US $49,900
  • 28-100 is US $42,900
  • 80-250 is  US $43,900

Specifications 19-45 T2.9 Zoom

Specifications 28-100 and 80-250



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