Sony FX6 joins Cinema Line

September for Sony seems like clockwork. And a new camera: FX6.

Despite COVID and crisis, IBC and Cinec cancelled, the cycles of product planning began long ago. So it is no surprise that Sony reveals a new cinema camera today.

The details are sparse. The following is based on discussions with Sony representatives mixed in with a generous dose of speculation.

Sony VENICE, FX9, FX6 – left to right, to scale


Sony FX6

FX6 is Sony’s newest member of its newly-named Cinema Line. FX6 is the smallest member of the family, joining  VENICE and FX9.

All cameras were introduced in Septembers: VENICE, the flagship Full Frame camera with PL mount lurking beneath a very useable E-mount, launched in September 2017. FX9, the affordable E-mount Full Frame camera was released a year ago at IBC: September 2019.

The FX6 is planned for release later this year. It is almost surely Full Frame. The “X” in FX9 is like eXtra or eXcellent and Full Frame. The “S” in FS7 helps me remember that it is a Super35 camera.

FX6 preliminary details:

  • E-mount
  • 4K and almost surely Full Frame
  • Two internal media card slots. Not sure what kind.
  • Internal ND preset and variable filtration like the FX9.
  • FX6 controls and layouts are familiar to FX9 users.
  • To make the FX6 smaller, there are 2 audio controls on the camera left side instead of 4.

Here is edited text of Sony’s announcement today:

Existing cameras that will form part of the Sony Cinema Line include VENICE and FX9. VENICE is for movie production and FX9 has a track record in documentary production. The next camera will appeal to a wider spectrum of visual creators. Sony will be releasing and shipping this next addition to the Cinema Line, FX6, by the end of 2020.

Each of the Cinema Line cameras evolves with user feedback: The FX9 Version 3.0 firmware upgrade, available in 2021, will see the addition of the S700PTP to enable remote control, and a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm and B4 lenses with adaptors, as well as other features. In parallel, in November 2020, VENICE will see additional features in Version 6.0 firmware.

“The voice of our customer is critical to everything we do,” said Neal Manowitz, Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics Inc. “We have the deepest respect for filmmakers, cinematographers and storytellers, and will continue to evolve our product line to meet and exceed their demands. Just as our VENICE camera was designed to capture the emotion in every frame, our new Cinema Line expands that vision to allow a broader range of creators to push their boundaries further, and capture and create like they’ve never been able to before.”


Below, from top to bottom: Sony FX6, Sony FX9, Sony VENICE (not to scale)




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