The Sigma Cine Lens series will soon include the option of having LPL mounts. This is the new lens mount released by ARRI in February 2018 with the Alexa LF. The LPL mount has a flange focal depth of 44mm and a 62 mm Ø diameter.

The planned release date for SIGMA CINE LENSES in LPL mount is 2019 or later. As with the rest of the Sigma Cine Lens set, the LPL mount can be swapped with EF, E or PL mount by an authorized service technician.


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  1. Michael Lindsay says:

    Question…. the data pins need explaining? Also since LPL has the same flange to focal plane distance as EF will the FF 24-35mm zoom be included in LPL…Thanks

    • Shinji Yamaki (SIGMA CORPORATION) says:

      Dear Mr. Michael Lindsay,

      Thank you for having interest in our cine lenses.
      Concerning Sigma Cine lenses in LPL mount, it will incorporate the LDS-2.
      Whether we produce the FF 24-35mm Zoom in LPL is under consideration at moment.

  2. Michael Lindsay says:

    Thank you Shinji for the information…

  3. Eric Oh, CSC says:

    Would be great to have LDS on the PL mount as well.

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