SIGMA 28, 40 & 105mm T1.5 FF

The family of SIGMA Cine FF High Speed Primes continues to grow.

SIGMA Corporation added three new SIGMA CINE lenses to their FF High Speed Prime Line: 28, 40 and 105 mm—all T1.5. This brings the Sigma Full Frame Cine lens total to 10 high speed primes, from 14mm to 135mm and a fast 24-35mm T2.2 zoom.

For brevity in this article, let’s call them FFF — for Fast Full Frame. All 10 FFF focal lengths, from 14mm to 135mm, have 9-bladed irises with curved edges that render nice, rounded bokehs. The lenses are light, compact and have a front diameter of 95mm. Most of them accept 82mm threaded front filters.

They cover Full Format 36x24mm (43.3mm image diagonal). Focus barrel rotation is 180°. The iris ring is linear—with constant click-less distances between T-stop marks. It rotates 60°.

The 105mm shipped in October 2018; the 40mm at the end of 2018 and the 28mm in early 2019. Prices TBD.

The lens support foot and lens cap is included. Available mounts are PL, EF, E-mount and soon LPL. Imperial or Metric focus scales can be interchanged by SIGMA or an authorized service facility. Note: the 24-35mm T2.2 FF Zoom comes in EF and E-mount, not PL).

SIGMA FFF Cine Lenses worked and are working on some major movies this year. We are not yet allowed to name the names, but they might as well have a sign on Hollywood Blvd because everyone seems to know.

There are also two SIGMA Super35 format zooms: 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2.

Eric Dumont used three 50-100mm T2.0 zooms on three Alexa Mini cameras for the Cannes Film Festival official selection En Guerre (At War).


SIGMA FF Fast and S35 Cine Lens Family



Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2018 Edition #89-90

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