Panavision DXL2, DXL-M, New Lenses, LCND

Panavision DXL2 camera with Primo Artiste Large Format T1.8 lens.

In June, Panavision previewed the latest firmware for the new Millennium DXL2 8K camera, four new Large Format lens sets, Modular DXL-style accessories for RED DSMC2 cameras, and an innovative LCND filter.

The Panavision Millennium DXL2 8K camera has improved dynamic range and shadow detail, a native ISO of 1600, and 12- bit ProRes XQ recording up to 120fps. A Direct-to-Edit (D2E) workflow was also announced. D2E gives DITs wireless LUT and CDL look control and records all color metadata into cameragenerated proxy files for instant and render-free dailies. DXL2 has an updated color profile, Light Iron Color 2 (LiColor2).

Panavision Primo X.

Primo X lenses are Large Format lenses designed for use on drones and gimbals. They are fully sealed, weather proof, counterbalanced, aerodynamic, and easy to maintain a proper center of gravity. Primo X lenses are, so far: 14mm (T3.1) and 24mm (T1.6) – and one 24-70mm zoom (T2.8). Available in 2019.

Panavision H Series is a traditionally designed, Large Format spherical lens set with a smooth focus roll-off, and pleasing skin tones. Created with vintage glass and coatings, these lenses offer slightly elevated blacks for softer contrast. Available now.

Ultra Vista 1.6x anamorphic Large Format lens.

Panavision Ultra Vista is a series of Large Format anamorphic optics with a 1.6x squeeze. Ultra Vista covers the full height of the 8K sensor in the DXL and presents an ultra-widescreen 2.76:1 aspect ratio along with a classic elliptical bokeh and Panavision horizontal flare. Available in 2019. Can be cropped in post to 2.39:1, of course.

PanaSpeed is a Large Format update of the classic Primo look. At T1.4, PanaSpeed will be the one of the fastest large-format lens options available. Available in Q3 2018.

Panavision LCND filter.

Panavision also showed an adjustable liquid crystal Neutral Density (LCND) filter. The LCND instantly adjusts up to six Tstops with a single click or ramp. LCND starts at ND.3 and goes through 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, to ND1.8. Available in 2019.

Panavision DXL-M accessory kit for RED DSMC2 cameras.

The new DXL-M accessory kit is designed to work with RED DSMC2 cameras. DXL-M brings popular features of DXL to RED MONSTRO, GEMINI, and HELIUM cameras. These features include the DXL menu system (via an app for the iPhone), LiColor2, wireless lens control, wireless timecode (ACN), and the Primo HDR viewfinder. Available in Q4 2018.


Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2018 Edition #89-90

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