Crithary and Barber and crew at ARRI Rental

Peter Crithary on location in Bangkok, on the bank of the Chao Praya River. Feb. 2016. Photo: Jon Fauer

Peter Crithary has been appointed President of ARRI Rental US, Camera Division.

For the previous 13 years, Peter had a number of roles at Sony Electronics in market development and as the go-to guy for anything about digital cinema cameras. Before Sony, he was a cameraman in Australia and then moved to the USA where he worked in motion pictures, television, and postproduction.

Peter will be based at ARRI Rental’s Secaucus, NJ office. ARRI’s press release today says, “He will be responsible for overseeing camera rental operations in North America, helping to develop new business opportunities and building strong relationships within the creative community. He will also promote ARRI Rental’s unique technologies, which include the ALEXA 65 large- format camera system and ARRI Rental’s evolving program of in-house lens development.”

Peter said, “I’m looking forward to this exciting opportunity at ARRI Rental as we focus on excellence in customer service and technology that helps our crews tell their stories.”  

Carly Barber has been appointed President of ARRI Rental US Lighting Division. Jeff Pentek will be Vice President. Carly managed Hollywood Rental as VP of Operations and President for 15 years. Jeff worked in a rental company and as a member of Local 728.  They founded Illumination Dynamics in 2001. They will also remain in their positions at Illumination Dynamics, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARRI Rental – Carly as CEO and Jeff as COO.

Vice President of Lighting and Transportation Operations John Van der Linden will oversee ARRI Rental Lighting Operations. Senior Vice President of Rental Hardwrick Johnson will continue to drive sales and participate in overseeing operations.

Gaffer Billy Hines joins ARRI Rental as Marketing and Production Relations Manager in the lighting department. His credits include Spider Man, The Interpreter, Bridge of Spies, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, etc.


Peter Crithary at ARRI Rental

Carly Barber at ARRI Rental


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