Cooke Front Anamorphic 45-450 T4.5

Cooke reveals details of their 2nd Anamorphic/i Zoom for NAB 2017.

It will be a 10:1 front 2x anamorphic 45-450mm T4.5 Zoom Lens.

This comes exactly a year after their 4:1 35-140 anamorphic zoom was shown last year at NAB 2016.

The 45-450 has the same front diameter as the Cooke 35-140 and 300 mm, same 300 degree focus and 90 degree iris rotation. It has long been written that a 10:1 is an essential part of any camera/lens package. The new Cooke Anamorphic 10:1  will be a welcome addition for all kinds of setups: close-ups, action, stunts, landscapes, and distant vistas where matching Cooke look and oval bokehs are desired.

The list of Cooke Anamorphic /i lenses continues to grow. Now there are 11. The primes come in standard or SF (Super Flare) versions.

Lots more information and Cooke Factory Tour in FDTimes April-June edition.



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