ZEISS Loxia, Milvus and Otus Sets


Six Milvus manual focus Full Frame lenses come in ZE or ZF.2 mounts: 2.8/21mm, 2/35mm, 1.4/50mm, 1.4/85mm, Macro 2/50mm and Macro 2/100mm.

Loxia 2.8 21 Product sample 2015.10.09 19

Three Loxia manual focus, Full Frame lenses come in E-mount: 2.8/21mm, 2/35mm and 2/50mm.

Otus 1.4 28 Product sample 2015.10.09 15

Three f/1.4 Otus manual focus Full Frame lenses come in ZE (Canon) or ZF.2 (Nikon) mounts: 1.4/28mm, 1.4/55mm and 1.4/85mm.


ZEISS Milvus lenses are manual focus lenses for DSLR cameras. They have a rubberized focus ring and all-metal barrel. They are protected against dust and spray. The metal lens shade is part of the product design and comes with the lenses. Milvus lenses support DSLR cameras’ aperture priority, shutter priority, program and manual modes. They also send EXIF lens data to the camera (focal length, aperture, etc).

Milvus and Otus ZE (Canon style) mount lenses don’t have an iris barrel: like most Canon EOS lenses, you control the aperture from the camera itself.

Milvus and Otus ZF.2 (Nikon style) mounts do have an iris ring that can be controlled mechanically. Milvus ZF.2 lenses can be de-clicked for stepless aperture control. Note that ZF.2 focus barrels rotate in traditional Nikon style: the opposite direction from Canon’s. Flange focal depth of the Canon mount is 44 mm, and Nikon is 46.50 mm.

ZEISS Loxia lenses come in Sony E-mount, 18 mm flange depth. They have a manual iris ring, which can be de-clicked (like the Milvus) with a tool that is supplied with the lenses.

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