Scorpio 138-405 T4.3 Anamorphic Zoom

Alfredo and Andres Valles, above, have a long history of obsession with building lenses. Alfredo was working as a mechanical engineer in Barcelona in the late 1970s. Andres was a DP. They decided to start a camera rental company and start building lenses. The company was Servicevision and their first product was the Servilens series of Nikon Macros, with a unique combination Mitchell, PL, and bayonet mount. More than thirty years later, the brothers Valles are still making lenses.

At NAB 2016, they presented the new Scorpio Zoom Anamorphic 2x 138-405 T4.3. It’s a lightweight and small long range Anamorphic zoom designed to complement the Scorpiolens Anamorphic 2x prime lens series.

The 138-405 zoom has a 95 mm front diameter, the same as the rest of the series. All the Scorpio anamorphics work with 4×5.650 filters and matteboxes. There’s no need to change to a 6.6×6.6 filter on the wider focal lengths.

138-405 T4.3 Anamorphic Zoom

  • Quality, color, contrast and look match Scorpiolens Anamorphic 2x
  • Small size and weight
  • Almost no distortion or breathing
  • Aperture T4.3 over entire zoom range
  • 2x anamorphic squeeze
  • No compression change in close focus
  • Feet and meter focus scale built in
  • Internal Focus
  • PL mount
  • Telecentric, multiaspheric design
  • High resolution and contrast
  • Uniform quality over the whole field of view• Consistent optical performance across the whole zoom range


• Zoom ratio: 3x
• Focal length: 138 – 405 mm
• Aperture: T4.3
• Close focus: 1.52 m / 5 ft
• Image diagonal: 31.14 mm diameter
• Front Diameter: 95 mm
• Length (Front to PL mount): 288 mm / 11.3 in
• Weight (approx.): 3.3 kg / 7.2 lb


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