Panasonic VariCam Workshop at Keslow Camera

Article and photos by George Leon

On August 6, Panasonic hosted a workshop at Keslow Camera covering Panasonic VariCam 35 and VariCam LT Cameras.

The event introduced camera crews to the cameras and the latest technical details.

Panasonic staff provided technical assistance to train end users in how to maximize the capabilities of these cameras. Keslow Camera staff were there demonstrate how large selection of lenses and accessories that can be used to put together a VariCam 35 and LT camera package.

The workshop began with a rundown of the operating features of the Varicam 35 and LT,
and attendees were divided into 3 groups with three cameras.

Menus and details of the newly installed firmware were shown the three cameras. Many technical questions raised by the attendees were answered.

For me, the most interesting portion was the demonstration of the Varicam LT’s low light capability.

The camera sensor of the Varicam showed its wide dynamic range capturing subject detail at about one foot-candle, much more discernible than what my eye could see — and without any apparent digital noise.


These were the topics covered:

• Introduction to VariCam 35 and LT
• Explanation of VariCam sensor and its unique dual native ISO 800 / 5000
• HDR ready wide dynamic range sensor
• High frame rates
• Recording options including uncompressed Raw
• AVC-Ultra vs ProRes, why less is more!
• Navigating the easy to use GUI Remote Panel and Menus
• In-Camera Color Grading plus importing and exporting LUT’s and CDL’s
• In-Camera Dailies via Sub or Proxy recording
• Monitoring Options
• Focus Assist Tools
• In Camera Exposure Measurements
• Power management


By the way, Panasonic is an Official Sponsor of the Rio Olympics — providing on-site HD projectors, switchers, monitors, engineering, installation, maintenance and  HD/4K video coverage using Varicam 35 cameras throughout the event, on opening night and during the closing ceremonies.


Images from the workshop:

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