Fujinon 20-120 T3.5 Cabrio XK Zoom

Fujinon will have a new S35 format zoom lens at NAB. The Cabrio XK6x20 is a 20-120 mm T3.5 zoom at an affordable price. It’s positioned for customers asking for a new paradigm of performance and affordability. In other words, if you can give up 1 mm on the wide end and half a T-stop, have a slightly smaller image circle (16:9 instead of 4:3), but want to zoom in tighter, then here’s an alternative. The choice of focal lengths from 20-120 is a classic, popular zoom range. Being able to zoom in more is important. As cinematographer Brett Turnbull said (in general, not about any specific product), “We’re constantly trying to squeeze every ounce out of our zoom range to get in tighter. It’s also helpful when there’s no ramping of the aperture. Ramping means you have to do more grading later in post to keep the exposure looking consistent.”

This 5th member of the Cabrio line shares the same features as the rest of the family: detachable, auto-centering servo drive, flange focal distance adjustment, Macro, LDS and i/Technology compatible.

The Fujinon XK Cabrio 20-120 uses large-diameter aspherical elements to deliver high optical performance and low distortion from the center to the edge of the screen, and throughout its entire zoom range. It is color matched to the Fujinon flagship Premier HK series and the rest of the compact, lightweight ZK Cabrio series.

The 20-120 has the familiar detachable Cabrio Servo Drive Unit with all the features: lens data, power, camera/recorder start/stop, servo/manual control, smooth zoom rocker, etc. Early reports from lens technicians at Hollywood camera rental houses are encouraging: the 20-120 is an optically excellent addition that nicely matches the rest of the Fujinon Cabrio line.

  • Lens (Focal Length) 20-120mm
  • Model Number XK6x20
  • Zoom Ratio 6x
  • Maximum Aperture: T3.5 — no ramping of exposure
  • Iris Range: T3.5 – T22
  • Format Super 35
  • Image coverage: 24.84 x 13.97 mm (28.5 mm diagonal)
  • Mount: PL
  • Angular Field of View: at 20 mm — 63 deg 41’ x 38 deg 30’
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio at 120 mm — 11 deg 49’ x 6 deg 40’
  • MOD (Close Focus): 1.1 m / 3’ 7”
  • Close Focus Coverage at 20 mm — 1109 x 624 mm
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio at 120 mm — 182 x 102 mm
  • Front Diameter: 114 mm
  • Length: 239 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg with servo handgrip, 2.4 kg without
  • Gears All 3 rings have industry .8 Metric gears


NAB Booth C7125

XK-Lens-Rightside-without-Driveunit XK-Lens-with-Driveunit XK-Lens-with-Driveunit-bottom

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