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Oops. This Photo Gallery and report from Micro Salon Paris should have gone online on February 7, 2016. It became log-jammed in the dreaded cloud as I tried to upload somewhere between Paris and Bangkok. The cloud sounds romantic. It isn’t. It’s just gigantic rooms full of spinning hard drives and servers in remote places where electricity and land are usually cheap. I managed to recover this post today.

Most of the photos were taken with a Sony a7R II and a Vocas PL to E-mount adapter, many with cine lenses grabbed at the show. Additional images were done with a Sony RX100 Mk IV.

The video above is, of course, an homage to the famous Lumière seminal film, “Workers Leaving the Factory” in Lyon (1895).

The AFC Micro Salon in Paris is a favorite annual expo, series of lectures and screenings in the old Pathé Film Studios, now La Fémis film school.

There were many new products not seen before (at least by moi.) Highlights this year were Christian Betz’s Wave 1 horizon stabilizer at the EMIT booth, along with FlowCine Black Arm vibration elimination system. EMIT showed the latest Cooke Macro 65 anamorphic, Ronford-Baker Atlas 0.4 fluid head, and lots more.

There are several party pictures in the gallery below. Every Micro Salon, EMIT hosts a party for their vendors, and this year happened to be Jacques Delacoux’s birthday as well. A Francophone Dixieland band was on hand to celebrate.

Philippe Bordelais showed a lightweight clamp-on filter holder and mattebox, as well as his prototype gimbal operating system. RVZ had all kinds of accessories for RED, and that’s where I met Mikael Lubchansky and got a lesson in Foolcontrol (remote control RED cameras). Vantage Film Paris had their newly rehoused vintage Kinoptik primes and the first two Hawk 65 anamorphic primes (60 and 95 mm). Panavision had a modified Sony F65 and Panavised REDs.

Alexa Minis were shown with Beta versions of what is now SUP 4.0, to be shown at NAB next week. Also the latest updates on the Transvideo StarliteHD5 ARRI to control the Mini by touchscreen. Servicevision had a set of Scorpiolens anamorphics, and two unsqueezed framegrabs of  photographer Pauline Maillet are shown, taken with the Scorpiolens 75mm on a Sony a7R II. There’s a nice, hazy, flarey, bokeh photo (DSC00213) taken with a ZEISS Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200 at T2.9 on the a7R II.


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