Vittorio Storaro: Passage from Film to Digital

“Cafe Society” opens at the Cannes Film Festival on  May 11. It was the first digital motion picture for Director Woody Allen and Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC. Woody Allen has directed 47 films on film. Storaro has shot 58 films on film.

I met with Vittorio several times in New York while he was grading “Cafe Society” at Technicolor Postworks. The result of our discussions is the following article, which is the cover story of Film and Digital Times Issue 75, April 2016.

Vittorio is famous for his cinematic discussions of art, style and symbology. But we also know that he is on top of the process at every level—artistic, digital, and technical—with more knowledge of bit depth, resolution, dynamic range, DaVinci the software and the artist, to keep FDTimes readers on the edge of their seats.

Download the article “Passage from Film to Digital: Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC.”

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