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DSC00384-FDTimes-astroThe latest update of Astro’s DF-3512 was shown at Tokyo InterBEE. The Astro DF-3512 is a full HD LCOS EVF (1920 x 1080 Electronic Viewfinder). It fits nicely on a Canon C500, C300, or any other camera in search of a good viewfinder that can be positioned anywhere. After a few false starts, the Astro now lets you focus clearly, the image is true, the controls are helpful.

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 2 image magnification settings to check focus
  • dials for brightness, contrast, peaking
  • 5 user profiles can be stored





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  1. DM Wexler says:

    Would this be the updated viewfinder that Bandpro showcased last year at NAB for $13,000?

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