Angénieux History Updated


Our Angénieux History special 64-page report has been updated with additions and corrections. The new 25-250 Optimo DP is included.

New Angénieux Optimo DP 25-250 mm T3.5 Zoom



The 25-250 mm zoom range has been a de-facto standard since Angenieux introduced the famous 25-250 T2, HP and HR lenses between the 60s and the 90s. At IBC 2013, the new Optimo 25-250 mm DP lens was introduced. As part of the Optimo DP Series, this is a new, high quality, all-purpose zoom lens, optimized for digital cameras, for medium and low budget films, documentaries, commercials.

It is a fitting revival of a popular zoom ratio, with appropriately balanced specifications on aperture and price.


  • Zoom: 25-250 mm. Zoom ratio : 10x
  • Maximum Aperture, no ramping : T3.5
  • Low breathing
  • Minimum Object Distance (MOD) : 4 ft
  • Internal focus
  • Compact and lightweight for a 10x zoom : 7 kg /16 lb
  • High optical performance with low distortion even at wide angle
  • Rugged mechanics with rods as guiding system
  • Precisely calibrated focus marks available in feet or meters with interchangeable ring
  • Integrated filter holder for standard filters
  • Front protective glass
  • Horizontal angular field of view : 58.8 deg. at 25 mm and 6.24 deg. at 250 mm

Additional features

  • The lens integrates the /i technology metadata system
  • Telecentric design and the low chromatic aberration
  • Image circle of 31.4 mm provides even image illumination on digital sensors of current digital cameras, including the Epic Dragon in 5K mode.
  • Available in PL mount. Easy to swap to Panavision, Canon EF or Nikon mount
  • Rear threaded ring allows the installation of a net
  • Works in wide temperature range
  • Designed for easy maintenance


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2 Responses:

  1. 16lbs? It’s great that it’s about 9 lbs lighter and 2″ shorter than the 24-290 but why not develop a 2.8 18-135 that could be possibly lighter, shorter, and easier for handheld than the original HR? The new DP lenses are decent and super lightweight but the photo-ish focal lengths are a little frustrating. A high quality medium size zoom lens that covers all the basic focal lengths in a prime lens set would be more useful (and competitive) considering how many 24-290s and HRs are already around.

  2. Dan Kharlak says:

    Wonderful report! It particularly highlighted for me how Angenieux and anamorphic photography have been cousins almost since the invention of Cinemascope! And besides their usage in the anamorphic systems of the French New Wave, they’ve been an integral part of the language of Asian cinema. Many a cheesy kung fu zoom was done with the help of an Angenieux 25-250 with a rear anamorphic adapter, in addition to their use on Japanese widescreen samurai epics.

    BTW, on p. 10 and 11 in the Luciano Tovoli section, the lens in those pictures is clearly a Cooke Cine-Varotal MK. III. Hope I don’t look like a doofus for pointing this out, just seemed strange to me to see a Cooke zoom foregrounded in an issue devoted to Angenieux.