Angénieux History Updated


Our Angénieux History special 64-page report has been updated with additions and corrections. The new 25-250 Optimo DP is included.

New Angénieux Optimo DP 25-250 mm T3.5 Zoom



The 25-250 mm zoom range has been a de-facto standard since Angenieux introduced the famous 25-250 T2, HP and HR lenses between the 60s and the 90s. At IBC 2013, the new Optimo 25-250 mm DP lens was introduced. As part of the Optimo DP Series, this is a new, high quality, all-purpose zoom lens, optimized for digital cameras, for medium and low budget films, documentaries, commercials.

It is a fitting revival of a popular zoom ratio, with appropriately balanced specifications on aperture and price.


  • Zoom: 25-250 mm. Zoom ratio : 10x
  • Maximum Aperture, no ramping : T3.5
  • Low breathing
  • Minimum Object Distance (MOD) : 4 ft
  • Internal focus
  • Compact and lightweight for a 10x zoom : 7 kg /16 lb
  • High optical performance with low distortion even at wide angle
  • Rugged mechanics with rods as guiding system
  • Precisely calibrated focus marks available in feet or meters with interchangeable ring
  • Integrated filter holder for standard filters
  • Front protective glass
  • Horizontal angular field of view : 58.8 deg. at 25 mm and 6.24 deg. at 250 mm

Additional features

  • The lens integrates the /i technology metadata system
  • Telecentric design and the low chromatic aberration
  • Image circle of 31.4 mm provides even image illumination on digital sensors of current digital cameras, including the Epic Dragon in 5K mode.
  • Available in PL mount. Easy to swap to Panavision, Canon EF or Nikon mount
  • Rear threaded ring allows the installation of a net
  • Works in wide temperature range
  • Designed for easy maintenance


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