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Film and Digital Times has a new look, new customer service, easier access to online editions, and streamlined registration. Here’s a quick guide to what’s new at www.fdtimes.com

Issues – easier, faster downloads for subscribers

You can now get all issues online by logging in with just your email or username. No more passwords. Your computer should remember whenever you return. To read or download PDFs of the current and all back issues, subscribers simply click ISSUES in the Menu Bar. All issues since the beginning of time (May 2005) are there. Find the issue you want, and click its Subscriber Download button. Enter your email or username.

If you’re not a subscriber, please sign up.



Another way to sign in is directly from the LOG-IN Menu (top right). Once logged in, the LOG-IN menu changes to MY ACCOUNT.

From the drop-down menu, you’ll be able to manage your account, make changes to your address, email, password, and renew subscriptions.


We could not move passwords to the new system. If you need your new password right away, click LOG-IN in the Menu Bar, top right. Enter your email or username. Next, select MANGE MY ACCOUNT from the MY ACOUNT drop down menu. Go to: “Don’t remember your password? Click here.” Enter your email address and your password will be sent right away.

We’ll send out emails with your new password within the next few weeks.

(Thank you Philip Letourneau for being first beta tester.)


Customer Service: Phone, Email, Fax or Mail

Finally. We have real, live, nice people answering the phone, opening snail mail, getting your emails, and ready to help. The FDTimes customer service team can find lost usernames and passwords, take subscription orders, renew, upgrade and provide tech support.



Please let me know if there are any glitches with our latest update, or if you have any suggestions. Thanks and happy holidays,

Jon Fauer



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