Transvideo, Preston FI+Z and CineTape at Cinec

Here we go with the first salvo of reports on interesting innovations and products at Cinec 2012.

In the week between IBC and Cinec, the lights must have been burning late at Transvideo in Verneuil-sur-Avre, because they came to Cinec with some things not seen in Amsterdam.

Jacques Delacoux and crew came up with this helpful idea: mounting a Preston FI+Z control with a quick release plate to the sides of a Transvideo CineMonitorHD with Wireless HD receiver and onboard battery. The configuration above is set up for 3D controls, but could be just as readily used for Focus, Iris, Zoom.

Why is this important? Because Transvideo CineMonitors also display /i and lens data on the screen, and quickly connect with Preston Systems and  Cinematography Electronics CineTapes.

How does this help? With most current electronic viewfinders incapable of showing the camera operator whether or not the shot is in focus, a wireless Transvideo CineMonitorHD can be a camera assistant’s BFF for double-checking. It’s also a lot more pleasant than having someone from Video Village commenting on the state of sharpness.

Having wireless focus-iris-zoom attached makes things much easier.

Transvideo’s new strap carries the monitor and FIZ comfortably. Francois Gerard models it, below.


Transvideo’s new Rainbow HD Monitor is a new, lighter, smaller, economical model with a 7-inch diagonal screen. The sculptural handle lets you hold it comfortably in almost any position, keeps your fingerprints off the screen, and looks great.


If you prefer wooden handgrips, Transvideo has mounts for the Camalot/Vocas Tuscan Walnut wood grip, below.


Or perhaps you prefer the original artisanal Aaton model, shown on an Aaton Penelope Delta, but just as comfortable on a Transvideo Rainbow:

Here’s a large CineMonitorHD mounted on a Sony F65.

And here’s Cinematography Electronics CineTape with Transvideo CineMonitorHD on an ARRI Alexa.

Cinematography Electronics CineTape connects with Transvideo CineMonitorHD






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