Cinec 2012 Slideshow

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Cinec was my favorite show in this year’s European triathlon of IBC-Photokina-Cinec. Most of the world’s high-end motion picture camera companies, rental houses and crews seemed to agree, setting what seemed to be record attendance this year. Three days of attendance were not enough to visit all the exhibits, even skipping lunch. As Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street, “Lunch is for wimps,” but frequent pit-stops to the catering counter of the inimitable Martin Hartweg at the Band Pro-Leica booth kept us salubriously well nourished and hydrated.

There were 179 exhibitors, and more than 3,900 visitors from 58 countries.

Cinec Awards were presented on Sunday, September 23 at an elegant reception hosted by the State of Bavaria in Munich’s Residenz. The singing professor, Peter C. Slansky–actually Professor of Technology at the prestigious University of Television and Film Munich–was the master of ceremonies who moved the event along with grace and alacrity. The singing part was his glorious rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in two different keys to explain a normally dry technical detail of color shift and balance. I would like to recommend Peter as MC of the Oscars and ASC Awards some day.

And the awards went to:

  • Camera Support/Grip: Campilots GmbH Campilots for CableCam, which uses a single cable, some mountaineering hardware, and gyro stabilizers with a suspended camera.
  • Camera Technology: Arnold & Richter for ARRI Alexa Studio Camera
  • New Digital Capturing Tools: Cooke Optics Ltd. for Cooke /i lens metadata system that is open-architecture and provides focus-iris-zoom-serial number and other critical lens information frame-by-frame.
  • Lighting: Arnold & Richter for ARRI L-Series LED fresnel lighting fixtures
  • Lighting: PRG Production Resource Group LLC for TruColor HS, a digital soft light using Remote Phosphor Technology that has more than twice the output of a 2kW incandescent soft light, uses only 400-watts of AC power, has an extended Color Rendering Index (CRI) over 95,  and a 160-degree beam spread.
  • Optics: Thales Angenieux for OPTIMO 45-120 mm T2.8 lightweight and compact zoom lens.
  • Open Category: Volfoni SAS for SmartCrystal Pro for 3D viewing.
  • Special Award: Arnold & Richter for WCU-4 Wireless Lens/Camera Control unit that has a novel vibrating system when you hit your focus mark.
  • Special Award: Rotolight Inc. for RL-ANOVA 2 that is a bi-color LED floodlight and, with its Magic Eye APP, lets you adjust color temperature and dim via WiFi from your iPad or iPhone.

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  1. Ted Ramasola says:

    Thank you for sharing the scenes from Cinec.

  2. Tuomas Viitakoski says:

    Thank you Jon for these photos! This year couldn’t fit Cinec to my schedules so this sufficient interactive visit was really helpful. Only need to get a pint of pilsner to my hands to complete the illusion..